Technical expertise

Technology platforms and special expertise

In addition to the Institute's Core Facilities, the department of Molecular Biology has also developed key technical expertise in the following areas:

  • High-throughput RNA interference
  • BSL3 screening facility
  • Lentiviral transfections / shRNA
  • Primary cell culture models

Public collaborative projects

EU funded projects

ANTIFLU - Innovative anti-influenza drugs excluding viral escape (FP7, 2011-2016)

INBIONET -  Infection biology training network: shaping the future of infectious diseases treatments (FP7, 2013-2016) 

RIGHT - RNA Interference technology as human therapeutic tool (FP6)¸

INCA - Research on the role of chronic infections in the development of Cancer (FP6) 

SIROCCO - Silencing RNAs: organisers and coordinators of complexity in eukaryotic organisms (FP6) 

SIMAP - Simulation modelling of the MAP kinase pathway (FP6) 

EIMID-EST/IAPP/ITN - European Initiative for basic research in microbiology and infectious diseases Marie Curie Host Fellowship (ITN) (FP6 and FP7) 

NoE EPG - Network of Excellence EPG (EuroPathoGenomics )(FP6)

Projects funded by BMBF (Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung)

CINOCA - Co-Infection as a cause of Ovarian carcinoma  (Infect-ERA project, 2014-2017)

ViroSign - Systems virology of Influenza - Molecular signature of permissive infection (eBio project, 2013-2015 ) 

CellSys - Cell Line Development by Systems Biology (eBio project, 2013-2015) 

RNAi-Net - A global RNAi approach to unravel eukaryotic host functions that modulate bacterial infections (ERA-NET Pathogenomics project )

FunGen - Functional genomics of host-pathogen interactions using high-throughput screenings: a novel approach towards identifying therapeutic/prophylactic targets (ERA-NET Pathogenomics project ) 

ECIBUG - European Initiative to Fight Chlamydial Infections by Unbiased Genomics (ERA-NET Pathogenomics project ) 

UOC arrays - Cell Arrays with Ultraphobic Surfaces as Tools for Efficient High Throughput Screening 

Projects funded by DFG (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft)

SFB633 - Induction and modulation of T cell mediated immune reaction in the gastrointestinal tract 

Graduate Schools like GRK 1121, GRK 1673, GRK Immuco

Industry collaborations

  • GenData
  • Microdiscovery
  • Qiagen
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