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16th November 2018

Robert Koch Lecture

We are happy to announce this year’s winner of the Robert Koch Award Jeffrey Ravetch who will present his work in the upcoming Robert Koch Lecture. With a recombinant gamma globulin, the US researcher opened up the possibility of treating autoimmune diseases such as arthritis or lupus far more effectively in the future than has been the case so far. The second and third generation of therapeutic antibodies against cancer would not exist without Ravetch. Some of them are already approved for use. Others are in the final phase of clinical tests. Further Information on Jeffrey Ravetch, his research and the Robert Koch Award can be found here:


After the event there will be a reception with refreshments in the MPIIB/DRFZ foyer.

Friday, November 16, 11 AM, Paul Ehrlich Hall


Robert Koch Lecture with Jeffrey Ravetch, Rockefeller University

Hosts: Andreas Radbruch and Stefan Kaufman


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