Prof. Dr. Emmanuelle Charpentier
Scientific Member and Director


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We are looking for highly motivated and enthusiastic personal assistant, secretary, referent, scientific coordinator, science communication officer, Bachelor, Master and PhD students, and Post docs who would like to join our new Department “Regulation in Infection Biology” at the MPIIB. Please follow the link of the Jobs section more information.

Regulation in Infection Biology

Regulation in Infection Biology

Our research relates to the field of Molecular Infection Biology. We are overall interested in understanding the molecular mechanisms governing physiology-, virulence- and infection-associated processes in Gram-positive bacterial pathogens. We use a combination of genetic, genomic, molecular, biochemical, physiological and cell infection approaches to study mechanisms of gene expression at the transcriptional and post-transcriptional level in horizontal gene transfer, adaptation to stress, physiology or virulence. In particular, we do research on CRISPR, the adaptive immune system that protects bacteria against invading genetic elements; the small regulatory RNAs that interfere with bacterial pathogenicity; protein quality-control that regulates bacterial adaptation, physiology and virulence; and the mechanisms of bacterial recognition by immune cells.

Highly motivated and enthusiastic undergraduate, PhD and Postdoc candidates are always welcome to send their application to . Please follow the link of the Jobs section for more information.

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