Publications of Christiana Stamer

Journal Article (2)

Journal Article
Olbermann, P.; Josenhans, C.; Moodley, Y.; Uhr, M.; Stamer, C.; Vauterin, M.; Suerbaum, S.; Achtman, M.; Linz, B.: A Global Overview of the Genetic and Functional Diversity in the Helicobacter pylori cag Pathogenicity Island. PLoS Genetics 6 (8), e1001069 (2010)
Journal Article
Linz, B.; Balloux, F.; Moodley, Y.; Manica, A.; Liu, H.; Roumagnac, P.; Falush, D.; Stamer, C.; Prugnolle, F.; van der Merwe, S. W. et al.; Yamaoka, Y.; Graham, D. Y.; Perez-Trallero, E.; Wadstrom, T.; Suerbaum, S.; Achtman, M.: An African origin for the intimate association between humans and Helicobacter pylori. Nature 445 (7130), pp. 915 - 918 (2007)
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