At our Institute there are 28 postdoctoral researchers representing15 different nationalities. The postdoctoral fellows benefit from an exciting scientific environment, based on great scientific freedom with the support and encouragement of their group leaders. Scientific collaborations and a sense of community among all postdocs is fostered by bi-weekly seminars and social events. Additionally, the postdoc committee regularly organizes events for postdocs, and career workshops.

Entry Routes

If you would like to do postdoctoral research at MPIIB, please apply to individual group leaders. Also, check the section 'Job Offers' for any postings of group leaders actively seeking postdocs.

The Postdoc Committee

The Postdoc committee was formed to represent the interests of all postdocs at our institute to the management, and to promote the best conditions for career perspectives and scientific output. Our main goals are to increase social and scientific networking among postdocs and support career development. In our monthly meetings, we discuss and plan the organization of several events tailored for postdocs’ needs, including postdoc days, career and skills workshops, and social activities.

With suggestions, ideas or issues related to postdoc life in the institute contact us.


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