Interview with new Lise Meitner Group Leader Silvia Portugal
Silvia Portugal now heads the research group 'Malaria Parasite Biology' where she studies how malaria parasites survive the dry season in human hosts without causing malaria symptoms. Read the interview to find out why Silvia joined the MPIIB, what drove her to study malaria, and how the COVID-19 pandemic affected malaria research in her lab. more

Interview with MPIIB Director Arturo Zychlinsky by the science communication platform LATEST THINKING more

Thomas F. Meyer receives the Robert Koch Gold Medal, one of the highest awards in the field of infection research. The Robert Koch Foundation announced today that this year's award will be presented to the Max Planck researcher. more

Scientists identify mutations in the genome caused by the intestinal bacterium Escherichia coli more

Researchers discover new role of DNA-packing proteins for development of immune cells more

First participant enrolled in Phase III clinical trial of VPM1002 focused on healthcare workers battling the COVID-19 pandemic more

New MPIIB virtual seminar series | Kick-off with Enfu Hui more

The Malian doctoral student Assetou Dionégué Diarra and the Argentinean scientist Marcos Sterkel completed a one-week Infravec2 training at the MPIIB. In the Vector Biology Research Unit, they learned the principal techniques for working with malaria parasites in the mosquito vector. more

In 2019, Joan Mecsas of Tufts University Boston spent her Sabbatical at MPIIB – in the interview she talks about the measures in Massachusetts / USA and how the Sabbatical prepared her for communication during lockdown. more

Thomas F. Meyer, Director at the Max Planck Institute for Infection Biology, receives an Advanced Grant for his project "Metaplasia as an adaptive response to chronic microbial infections" on the role of bacterial infections in the development of human cancer. more

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