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Flow Cytometry

Flow Cytometry

The FCCF was founded in 2000 and is a collaboration between the German Rheumatism Research Centre Berlin (DRFZ), Max Planck Institut for Infection Biology (MPIIB) and the Charite. We provides research flow cytometrie services to all investigators in the DRFZ, MPIIB and Charite.

Flow Cytometrie is a analytic tool for rapidly quantitating mulitple chemical and physical properties of the individual cell. This tool can be divided into cellanalyse and cellsorting.

For Cellanalysis at the FCCF we use the FACSCalibur® and LSR® benchtop flow cytometer. These machines are equipped with two or three lasers (488nm, 630nm, 325nm) and up to six fluorescence parameters plus forward light scatter and side light scatter.

For cellsorting we use FACSVantage® equipped with 488nm, 630nm, and 350nm laser and up to five fluorescence parameters. The FACSVantage® is also equipped with ACDU® that allows to setup the cytometer to deposit a accurately defined number of events into plates or slides. Our second cellsorter is an FACSVantage SE® highspeedsorter with DIVA® upgrade. This give us the possibility to sort a specified number of particels from multiple parameters into a variety of devices, including tubes, plates, and slides. We can sort into four tubes simultaneously. Additionally to the 488nm, 630nm, and 350 nm laser this sorter has a 530nm laser. It is possible to detekt 10 parameters simultaneously.

Equipment in detail

  • 5 FACSCalibur
    (2 laser, 6 parameter)
  • 1 LSR
    (3 laser, 7 parameter)
  • 1 FACSSort
    (1 laser, 5 parameter)
  • 1 FACSVantage
    (2 laser, 7 parameter)
  • 1 FACSVantage SE with Turbosort and DIVA upgrade
    (3 laser, 10 parameter)
  • 1 Dataserver 80GB to save cytometrie data files
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