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The core facility "Microscopy" prepares and analyses samples for light and electron microscopy. Methods used range from paraffin histology to high resolution scanning EM. The labs are equipped with conventional fluorescence microscopes, confocal microscopes, transmission and scanning electron microscopes. Preparation tools include a set of rotation microtomes for paraffin and resin histology, a vibratome and a cryotome for tissue samples, conventional and cryo-ultramicrotomes. A digital life-cell imaging facility is being set up.

Methods used:

Transmission electron microscopy

  • ultrathin resin sections
  • ultrathin cryo sections for immuno-EM
  • energy loss spectroscopy
  • analysis of frozen hydrated protein complexes

Scanning electron microscopy

  • metal sputter after critical-point drying
  • cryopreparations

Light microscopy

  • paraffin histology
  • resin histology
  • cryosections
  • immunodetection (fluorescence- or enzyme-based)
  • laser scanning confocal microscopy
  • 3D live cell imaging
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