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  1. 2019
    Journal Article
    Kaufmann, S. H. E.: Highly affordable vaccines are critical for our continued efforts to reduce global childhood mortality. Human Vaccines & Immunotherapeutics 15 (11), pp. 2660 - 2665 (2019)
  2. Journal Article
    Lozza, L.; Moura-Alves, P.; Domaszewska, T.; Crespo, C. L.; Streata, I.; Kreuchwig, A.; Puyskens, A.; Bechtle, M.; Klemm, M.; Zedler, U. et al.; Ungureanu, B. S.; Guhlich-Bornhof, U.; Koehler, A.-B.; Stäber, M.; Mollenkopf, H.-J.; Hurwitz, R.; Furkert, J.; Krause, G.; Weiner, J. 3.; Jacinto, A.; Mihai, I.; Leite-de-Moraes, M.; Siebenhaar, F.; Maurer, M.; Kaufmann, S. H. E.: The Henna pigment Lawsone activates the Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor and impacts skin homeostasis. Scientific Reports 9 (1) (2019)
  3. Journal Article
    Kaufmann, S. H. E.: Corrigendum: Immunology's Coming of Age. Frontiers in immunology 10 (2019)
  4. Journal Article
    Krishnamoorthy, G.; Kaiser, P.; Lozza, L.; Hahnke, K.; Mollenkopf, H.-J.; Kaufmann, S. H. E.: Mycofactocin Is Associated with Ethanol Metabolism in Mycobacteria. mBio 10 (3) (2019)
  5. Journal Article
    McKay, P. F.; Cizmeci, D.; Aldon, Y.; Maertzdorf, J.; Weiner, J.; Kaufmann, S. H. E.; Lewis, D. J.; van den Berg, R. A.; Giudice, G. D.; Shattock, R. J.: Identification of potential biomarkers of vaccine inflammation in mice. eLife 8 (2019)
  6. Journal Article
    Penn-Nicholson, A.; Hraha, T.; Thompson, E. G.; Sterling, D.; Mbandi, S. K.; Wall, K. M.; Fisher, M.; Suliman, S.; Shankar, S.; Hanekom, W. A. et al.; Janjic, N.; Hatherill, M.; Kaufmann, S. H. E.; Sutherland, J.; Walzl, G.; Groote, M. A. D.; Ochsner, U.; Zak, D. E.; Scriba, T. J.: Discovery and validation of a prognostic proteomic signature for tuberculosis progression: A prospective cohort study. PLoS Medicine 16 (4) (2019)
  7. Journal Article
    Männe, C.; Takaya, A.; Yamasaki, Y.; Mursell, M.; Hojyo, S.; Wu, T.-Y.; Sarkander, J.; McGrath, M. A.; Cornelis, R.; Hahne, S. et al.; Cheng, Q.; Kawamoto, T.; Hiepe, F.; Kaufmann, S. H. E.; Yamamoto, T.; Radbruch, A.; Tokoyoda, a. K.: Salmonella SiiE prevents an efficient humoral immune memory by interfering with IgG+ plasma cell persistence in the bone marrow. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 116 (15), pp. 7425 - 7430 (2019)
  8. Journal Article
    Kaufmann, S. H. E.: Immunology's Coming of Age. Frontiers in immunology 10 (2019)
  9. Journal Article
    Duffy, F. J.; Weiner, J. I.; Hansen, S.; Tabb, D. L.; Suliman, S.; Thompson, E.; Maertzdorf, J.; Shankar, S.; Tromp, G.; Parida, S. K. et al.; Dover, D.; Axthelm, M. K.; Sutherland, J. S.; Dockrell, H. M.; Ottenhoff, T. H. M.; Scriba, T. J.; Picker, L. J.; Walzl, G.; Kaufmann, S. H. E.; Zak, D. E.: Immunometabolic Signatures Predict Risk of Progression to Active Tuberculosis and Disease Outcome. Frontiers in immunology 10 (2019)
  10. Journal Article
    Liu, H.; Moura-Alves, P.; Pei, G.; Mollenkopf, H.-J.; Hurwitz, R.; Wu, X.; Wang, F.; Liu, S.; Ma, M.; Fei, Y. et al.; Zhu, C.; Koehler, A.-B.; Oberbeck-Mueller, D.; Hahnke, K.; Klemm, M.; Guhlich-Bornhof, U.; Ge, B.; Tuukkanen, A.; Kolbe, M.; Dorhoi, A.; Kaufmann, S. H. E.: cGAS facilitates sensing of extracellular cyclic dinucleotides to activate innate immunity. EMBO Reports 20 (4) (2019)
  11. Journal Article
    Huangfu, P.; Laurence, Y. V.; Alisjahbana, B.; Ugarte-Gil, C.; Riza, A.-L.; Walzl, G.; Ruslami, R.; Moore, D. A. J.; Ioana, M.; McAllister, S. et al.; Ronacher, K.; Koesoemadinata, R. C.; Grint, D.; Kerry, S.; Coronel, J.; Malherbe, S. T.; Griffiths, U.; Dockrell, H. M.; Hill, P. C.; van Crevel, R.; Pearson, F.; Critchley, J. A.; TANDEM Consortium; Kaufmann, S. H. E.; Beigier, M.; Golinski, R.: Point of care HbA1c level for diabetes mellitus management and its accuracy among tuberculosis patients: a study in four countries. The International Journal of Tuberculosis and Lung Disease 23 (3), pp. 283 - 292 (2019)
  12. Journal Article
    Arrey, F.; Löwe, D.; Kuhlmann, S.; Kaiser, P.; Alves, P.; Krishnamoorthy, G.; Lozza, L.; Maertzdorf, J.; Skrahina, T.; Skrahina, A. et al.; Gengenbacher, M.; Nouailles, G.; Kaufmann, S. H. E.: Humanized Mouse Model Mimicking Pathology of Human Tuberculosis for in vivo Evaluation of Drug Regimens. Frontiers in immunology 10 (2019)
  13. 2018
    Journal Article
    Weiner, J. 3.; Maertzdorf, J.; Sutherland, J. S.; Duffy, F. J.; Thompson, E.; Suliman, S.; McEwen, G.; Thiel, B.; Parida, S. K.; Zyla, J. et al.; Hanekom, W. A.; Mohney, R. P.; Boom, W. H.; Mayanja-Kizza, H.; Howe, R.; Dockrell, H. M.; Ottenhoff, T. H.M.; Scriba, T. J.; Zak, D. E.; Walzl, G.; Kaufmann, S. H. E.: Metabolite changes in blood predict the onset of tuberculosis. Nature Communications 9 (1) (2018)
  14. Journal Article
    Libardo, M. D. J.; de la Fuente-Nuñez, C.; Anand, K.; Krishnamoorthy, G.; Kaiser, P.; Pringle, S. C.; Dietz, C.; Pierce, S.; Smith, M. B.; Barczak, A. et al.; Kaufmann, S. H. E.; Singh, A.; Angeles-Boza, A. M.: Phagosomal Copper-Promoted Oxidative Attack on Intracellular Mycobacterium tuberculosis. ACS Infectious Diseases 4 (11), pp. 1623 - 1634 (2018)
  15. Journal Article
    Liu, H.; Zhang, H.; Wu, X.; Ma, D.; Wu, J.; Wang, L.; Jiang, Y.; Fei, Y.; Zhu, C.; Tan, R. et al.; Jungblut, P.; Pei, G.; Dorhoi, A.; Yan, Q.; Zhang, F.; Zheng, R.; Liu, S.; Liang, H.; Liu, Z.; Yang, H.; Chen, J.; Wang, P.; Tang, T.; Peng, W.; Hu, Z.; Xu, Z.; Huang, X.; Wang, J.; Li, H.; Zhou, Y.; Liu, F.; Yan, D.; Kaufmann, S. H. E.; Chen, C.; Mao, Z.; Ge, B.: Nuclear cGAS suppresses DNA repair and promotes tumorigenesis. Nature 563 (7729), pp. 131 - 136 (2018)
  16. Journal Article
    Agrawal, N.; Streata, I.; Pei, G.; Weiner, J.; Kotze, L.; Bandermann, S.; Lozza, L.; Walzl, G.; du Plessis, N.; Ioana, M. et al.; Kaufmann, S. H. E.; Dorhoi, A.: Human Monocytic Suppressive Cells Promote Replication of Mycobacterium tuberculosis and Alter Stability of in vitro Generated Granulomas. Frontiers in immunology 9 (2018)
  17. Journal Article
    Huang, W.; Kaufmann, S. H. E.: Africa's next generation: How to support Africa's science structures for tomorrow's best young scientists . Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings. Nature Outlook: Sponsor Feature 10/2018 (2018)
  18. Journal Article
    Weiner, J. 3.; Mohney, R. P.; Kaufmann, S. H. E.: The potential of metabolic profiling for vaccine development. Seminars in Immunology 39, pp. 44 - 51 (2018)
  19. Journal Article
    Lino, A. C.; Dang, V. D.; Lampropoulou, V.; Welle, A.; Joedicke, J.; Pohar, J.; Simon, Q.; Thalmensi, J.; Baures, A.; Flühler, V. et al.; Sakwa, I.; Stervbo, U.; Ries, S.; Jouneau, L.; Boudinot, P.; Tsubata, T.; Adachi, T.; Hutloff, A.; Dörner, T.; Zimber-Strobl, U.; de Vos, A. F.; Dahlke, K.; Loh, G.; Korniotis, S.; Goosmann, C.; Weill, J.-C.; Reynaud, C.-A. s.; Kaufmann, S. H. E.; Walter, J.; Fillatreau, S.: LAG-3 Inhibitory Receptor Expression Identifies Immunosuppressive Natural Regulatory Plasma Cells. Immunity 49 (1), pp. 120 - 133 (2018)
  20. Journal Article
    Maertzdorf, J.; Tönnies, M.; Lozza, L.; Schommer-Leitner, S.; Mollenkopf, H.; Bauer, T. T.; Kaufmann, S. H. E.: Mycobacterium tuberculosis invasion of the human lung: First contact. Frontiers in immunology 9 (2018)
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