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  1. 2019
    Journal Article
    Cossarizza, A.; Chang, H.-D.; Radbruch, A.; Authors, different; Jani, P. K.; Melchers, F.; Authors, different, d.; Zychlinsky, A.: Guidelines for the use of flow cytometry and cell sortingin immunological studies (second edition). European Journal of Immunology 49 (10), pp. 1457 - 1973 (2019)
  2. Journal Article
    Knackstedt, S. L.; Georgiadou, A.; Apel, F.; Abu Abed, U.; Moxon, C. A.; Cunnington, A. J.; Raupach, B.; Cunningham, D.; Langhorne, J.; Krüger, R. et al.; Barrera, V.; Harding, S. P.; Berg, A.; Patel, S.; Otterdal, K.; Mordmüller, B.; Schwarzer, E.; Brinkmann, V.; Zychlinsky, A.; Amulic, B.: Neutrophil extracellular traps drive inflammatory pathogenesis in malaria. Science Immunology 4 (40) (2019)
  3. Journal Article
    Kenny, E. F.; Raupach, B.; Abu Abed, U.; Brinkmann, V.; Zychlinsky, A.: Dnase1‐deficient mice spontaneously develop a systemic lupus erythematosus‐like disease. European Journal of Immunology 49 (4), pp. 590 - 599 (2019)
  4. 2018
    Journal Article
    Ley, K.; Hoffman, H. M.; Kubes, P.; Cassatella, M. A.; Zychlinsky, A.; Hedrick, C. C.; Catz, S. D.: Neutrophils: New insights and open questions. Science Immunology 3 (30) (2018)
  5. Journal Article
    Sollberger, G.; Choidas, A.; Burn, G. L.; Habenberger, P.; Lucrezia, R. D.; Kordes, S.; Menninger, S.; Eickhoff, J.; Nussbaumer, P.; Klebl, B. et al.; Krüger, R.; Herzig, A.; Zychlinsky, A.: Gasdermin D plays a vital role in the generation of neutrophil extracellular traps. Science Immunology 3 (26) (2018)
  6. Journal Article
    Apel, F.; Zychlinsky, A.; Kenny, E. F.: The role of neutrophil extracellular traps in rheumatic diseases. Nature Reviews Rheumatology 14 (8), pp. 467 - 475 (2018)
  7. Journal Article
    Virreira Winter, S.; Zychlinsky, A.: The bacterial pigment pyocyanin inhibits the NLRP3 inflammasome through intracellular reactive oxygen and nitrogen species. Journal of Biological Chemistry 293 (13), pp. 4893 - 4900 (2018)
  8. Journal Article
    Sollberger, G.; Tilley, D. O.; Zychlinsky, A.: Neutrophil Extracellular Traps: The Biology of Chromatin Externalization. Developmental Cell 44 (5), pp. 542 - 553 (2018)
  9. Journal Article
    Deigendesch, N.; Zychlinsky, A.; Meissner, F.: Copper Regulates the Canonical NLRP3 Inflammasome. The Journal of Immunology 200 (5), pp. 1607 - 1617 (2018)
  10. 2017
    Journal Article
    Amulic, B.; Knackstedt, S. L.; Abu Abed, U.; Deigendesch, N.; Harbort, C. J.; Caffrey, B. E.; Brinkmann, V.; Heppner, F. L.; Hinds, P. W.; Zychlinsky, A.: Cell-Cycle Proteins Control Production of Neutrophil Extracellular Traps. Developmental Cell 43 (4), e5, pp. 449 - 462 (2017)
  11. Journal Article
    Kenny, E. F.; Herzig, A.; Krüger, R.; Muth, A.; Mondal, S.; Thompson, P. R.; Brinkmann, V.; von Bernuth, H.; Zychlinsky, A.: Diverse stimuli engage different neutrophil extracellular trap pathways. eLife 6 (2017)
  12. Journal Article
    Martinez, N. E.; Zimmermann, T. J.; Goosmann, C.; Alexander, T.; Hedberg, C.; Ziegler, S.; Zychlinsky, A.; Waldmann, H.: Tetrahydroisoquinolines: New Inhibitors of Neutrophil Extracellular Trap (NET) Formation. Chembiochem 18 (10), pp. 888 - 893 (2017)
  13. 2016
    Journal Article
    Brinkmann, V.; Abu Abed, U.; Goosmann, C.; Zychlinsky, A.: Immunodetection of NETs in Paraffin-Embedded Tissue. Frontiers in immunology 7 (2016)
  14. Journal Article
    Sollberger, G.; Amulic, B.; Zychlinsky, A.: Neutrophil Extracellular Trap Formation Is Independent of De Novo Gene Expression. PLoS One 11 (6) (2016)
  15. Journal Article
    Virreira Winter, S.; Zychlinsky, A.; Bardoel, B. W.: Genome-wide CRISPR screen reveals novel host factors required for Staphylococcus aureus α-hemolysin-mediated toxicity. Scientific Reports 6 (2016)
  16. Journal Article
    Stephenson, H.N.; Herzig, A.; Zychlinsky, A.: Beyond the grave: When is cell death critical for immunity to infection? Current Opinion in Immunology 38, pp. 59 - 66 (2016)
  17. 2015
    Journal Article
    Harbort, C. J.; Soeiro-Pereira, P. V.; von Bernuth, H.; Kaindl, A. M.; Costa-Carvalho, B. T.; Condino-Neto, A.; Reichenbach, J.; Roesler, J.; Zychlinsky, A.; Amulic, B.: Neutrophil oxidative burst activates ATM to regulate cytokine production and apoptosis. Blood 126 (26), pp. 2842 - 2851 (2015)
  18. Journal Article
    Maier, A.; Deigendesch, N.; Müller, K.; Weishaupt, J. H.; Krannich, A.; Röhle, R.; Meissner, F.; Molawi, K.; Münch, C.; Holm, T. et al.; Meyer, R.; Meyer, T.; Zychlinsky, A.: Interleukin-1 Antagonist Anakinra in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis—A Pilot Study. PLoS One 10 (10), e0139684 (2015)
  19. Journal Article
    Xu, D.; Olson, J.; Cole, J. N.; van Wijk, X. M.; Brinkmann, V.; Zychlinsky, A.; Nizet, V.; Esko, J. D.; Chang, Y.-C.: Heparan Sulfate Modulates Neutrophil and Endothelial Function in Antibacterial Innate Immunity. Infection and Immunity 83 (9), pp. 3648 - 3656 (2015)
  20. 2014
    Journal Article
    Metzler, K. D.; Goosmann, C.; Lubojemska, A.; Zychlinsky, A.; Papayannopoulos, V.: A Myeloperoxidase-Containing Complex Regulates Neutrophil Elastase Release and Actin Dynamics during NETosis. Cell Reports 8 (3) (2014)
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