Work-life balance

We work together with the INA Kindergarten day care centre, which is located approx. 10 minutes from the institute. A number of places is available for institute employees, which can be increased if necessary. The facility is open year round, including the summer break, and offers childcare from 6 am to 6 pm. The feedback from employees whose children have attended the centre is entirely positive.

The Max Planck Society provides an advice and placement agency for our employees via the PME family service, which is available for questions concerning the care of children and other dependent relatives. One of their offices is located in Berlin.

The institute is considering the situation of families when timing events. The flexitime allows great flexibility. Temporary part-time work is possible. In individual cases, working from home can also be arranged. Work meetings are mostly held at family-friendly times.

Breastfeeding mothers have the option of using a private room on request.
The work with pathogens and genetically modified organisms at the MPI for Infection Biology is subject to many prerequisites. In case of restrictions due to pregnancy, the institute will work out individual solutions in order to support the employees in the best possible pursuit of their scientific career.

In case of fixed-term contracts, the possibility of an extension exists in this case.

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