Journal Article (2)

Journal Article
Harasaki, K.; Lubben, N. B.; Harbour, M.; Taylor, M.; Robinson, M. S.: Sorting of Major Cargo Glycoproteins into Clathrin‐Coated Vesicles. Traffic 6 (11), pp. 1014 - 1026 (2005)
Journal Article
Sahlender, D. A.; Roberts, R. C.; Arden, S. D.; Spudich, G.; Taylor, M.; Luzio, J. P.; Kendrick-Jones, J.; Buss, F.: Optineurin links myosin VI to the Golgi complex and is involved in Golgi organization and exocytosis. The Journal of Cell Biology: JCB 169 (2), pp. 285 - 295 (2005)
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