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<p>Rather B-cells than patents</p>

Rather B-cells than patents

May 08, 2019

Interview with MPIIB Alumna
Hedda Wardemann

The immune system can clearly distinguish friend from foe: it fights off pathogenic microorganisms very effectively while leaving healthy tissue alone. Normally, that is. Sometimes the immune system strikes back harder than it really needs to, giving rise to allergies for example.

„Ein bewegliches Ziel“<em><br /></em>

'A moving target'

April 25, 2019

The genetic manipulation of mosquito populations promises progress in the fight against malaria. But do we know enough about the different mosquito species and their distribution? Interview with Elena Levashina on the state of malaria research on World Malaria Day 2019.

Malaria: It’s all about the mosquito

Malaria: It’s all about the mosquito

April 01, 2019

Mosquitoes transmit malaria, but not every malaria-infected mosquito is the same. An international team led by the Max Planck researcher Elena Levashina has described in a new publication that some species of mosquitoes are better in transmitting Plasmodium parasites than others. The researchers collected thousands of mosquitoes in four countries across Africa.


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