Publications of Alexander Karlas

Journal Article (25)

Journal Article
Karlas, A.; Machuy, N.; Shin, Y.; Pleissner, K.-P.; Artarini, A.; Heuer, D.; Becker, D.; Khalil, H.; Ogilvie, L. A.; Hess, S. et al.; Mäurer, A. P.; Müller, E.; Wolff, T.; Rudel, T.; Meyer, T. F.: Genome-wide RNAi screen identifies human host factors crucial for influenza virus replication. Nature 463 (7282), pp. 818 - U132 (2010)
Journal Article
Lipinski, A. R.; Heymann, J.; Meissner, C.; Karlas, A.; Brinkmann, V.; Meyer, T. F.; Heuer, D.: Rab6 and Rab11 Regulate Chlamydia trachomatis Development and Golgin-84-Dependent Golgi Fragmentation. PLoS Pathogens 5 (10), e1000615 (2009)
Journal Article
Heuer, D.; Lipinski, A. R.; Machuy, N.; Karlas, A.; Wehrens, A.; Siedler, F.; Brinkmann, V.; Meyer, T. F.: Chlamydia causes fragmentation of the Golgi compartment to ensure reproduction. Nature 457 (7230), pp. 731 - 735 (2009)
Journal Article
Kozjak-Pavlovic, V.; Ross, K.; Benlasfer, N.; Kimmig, S.; Karlas, A.; Rudel, T.: Conserved roles of Sam50 and metaxins in VDAC biogenesis. EMBO Reports 8 (6), pp. 576 - 582 (2007)
Journal Article
Moese, S.; Selbach, M.; Brinkmann, V.; Karlas, A.; Haimovich, B.; Backert, S.; Meyer, T. F.: The Helicobacter pylori CagA protein disrupts matrix adhesion of gastric epithelial cells by dephosphorylation of vinculin. Cellular Microbiology 9 (5), pp. 1148 - 1161 (2007)

Book Chapter (1)

Book Chapter
Prusty, B. K.; Karlas, A.; Meyer, T. F.; Rudel, T.: Genome-Wide RNAi Screen for Viral Replication in Mammalian Cell Culture. In: Antiviral RNAi: Concepts, Methods, and Applications, pp. 383 - 395 (Ed. van Rij, R. P.). Humana Press, New York [u.a.] (2011)
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