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Journal Article
Zimmermann, S.; Pfannkuch, L.; Al-Zeer, M. A.; Bartfeld, S.; Koch, M.; Liu, J.; Rechner, C.; Soerensen, M.; Sokolova, O.; Zamyatina, A. et al.; Kosma, P.; Mäurer, A. P.; Glowinski, F.; Pleissner, K.-P.; Schmid, M.; Brinkmann, V.; Karlas, A.; Naumann, M.; Rother, M.; Machuy, N.; Meyer, T. F.: ALPK1- and TIFA-Dependent Innate Immune Response Triggered by the Helicobacter pylori Type IV Secretion System. Cell Reports 20 (10), pp. 2384 - 2395 (2017)
Journal Article
Fehri, L. F.; Rechner, C.; Janssen, S.; Mak, T. N.; Holland, C.; Bartfeld, S.; Brüggemann, H.; Meyer, T. F.: Helicobacter pylori-induced modification of the histone H3 phosphorylation status in gastric epithelial cells reflects its impact on cell cycle regulation. Epigenetics 4 (8), pp. 577 - 586 (2009)
Journal Article
Kühlewein, C.; Rechner, C.; Meyer, T. F.; Rudel, T.: Low-phosphate-dependent invasion resembles a general way for Neisseria gonorrhoeae to enter host cells. Infection and Immunity 74 (7), pp. 4266 - 4273 (2006)
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