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Journal Article
Chumduri, C.; Gurumurthy, R. K.; Berger, H.; Dietrich, O.; Kumar, N.; Koster, S.; Brinkmann, V.; Hoffmann, K.; Drabkina, M.; Arampatzi, P. et al.; Son, D.; Klemm, U.; Mollenkopf, H.-J.; Herbst, H.; Mangler, M.; Vogel, J.; Saliba, A.-E.; Meyer, T. F.: Opposing Wnt signals regulate cervical squamocolumnar homeostasis and emergence of metaplasia. Nature Cell Biology 23 (2), pp. 184 - 197 (2021)
Journal Article
Dyer, V.; Brüggemann, H.; Soerensen, M.; Kühl, A. A.; Hoffman, K.; Brinkmann, V.; Reines, M. d. M.; Zimmerman, S.; Meyer, T. F.; Koch, M.: Genomic features of the Helicobacter pylori strain PMSS1 and its virulence attributes as deduced from its in vivo colonisation patterns. Molecular Microbiology 110 (5), pp. 761 - 776 (2018)
Journal Article
Winter, S.; Loddenkemper, C.; Aebischer, A.; Räbel, K.; Hoffmann, K.; Meyer, T. F.; Lipp, M.; Hopken, U. E.: The chemokine receptor CXCR5 is pivotal for ectopic mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue neogenesis in chronic Helicobacter pylori-induced inflammation. Journal of Molecular Medicine-JMM 88 (11), pp. 1169 - 1180 (2010)
Journal Article
Lippuner, C.; Paape, D.; Paterou, A.; Brand, J.; Richardson, M.; Smith, A. J.; Hoffmann, K.; Brinkmann, V.; Blackburn, C.; Aebischer, T.: Real-time imaging of Leishmania mexicana-infected early phagosomes: a study using primary macrophages generated from green fluorescent protein-Rab5 transgenic mice. FASEB Journal 23 (2), pp. 483 - 491 (2009)
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