Publications of Johannes H. Urban

Journal Article (3)

Journal Article
Urban, J. H.; Vogel, J.: Two seemingly homologous noncoding RNAs act hierarchically to activate glmS mRNA translation. PLoS Biology 6 (3), e64, pp. 631 - 642 (2008)
Journal Article
Urban, J. H.; Papenfort, K.; Thomsen, J.; Schmitz, R. A.; Vogel, J.: A conserved small RNA promotes discoordinate expression of the glmUS operon mRNA to activate GlmS synthesis. Journal of Molecular Biology 373 (3), pp. 521 - 528 (2007)
Journal Article
Urban, J. H.; Vogel, J.: Translational control and target recognition by Escherichia coli small RNAs in vivo. Nucleic Acids Research 35 (3), pp. 1018 - 1037 (2007)

Book Chapter (1)

Book Chapter
Urban, J. H.; Vogel, J.: A Green Fluorescent Protein (GFP)-Based Plasmid System to Study Post-Transcriptional Control of Gene Expression In Vivo. In: Riboswitches: Methods and Protocols, pp. 301 - 319 (Ed. Serganov, A.). Humana Press Inc, Heidelberg (2009)
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