Journal Article (1)

Journal Article
Meyer, T. F.; Beyreuther, K.; Geider, K.: Recognition of Two Initiation Codons for the Synthesis of Phage fd Gene 2 Protein. Molecular and General Genetics 180 (3), pp. 489 - 494 (1980)

Book Chapter (1)

Book Chapter
Meyer, T. F.; Geider, K.: Replication of phage fd DNA with purified proteins. In: Mechanistic studies of DNA replication and genetic recombination: Proceedings of the 1980 ICN-UCLA Symposia on Mechanistic Studies of DNA and Genetic Recombination held in Keystone, Colorado, March 16-21, 1980 (1980), pp. 579 - 587 (Ed. Alberts, B.). Academic Pr., New York, NY (1980)
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