Publications of Haipeng Liu

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Journal Article
Wu, X.; Wu, Y.; Zheng, R.; Tang, F.; Qin, L.; Lai, D.; Zhang, L.; Chen, L.; Yan, B.; Yang, H. et al.; Wang, Y.; Li, F.; Zhang, J.; Wang, F.; Wang, L.; Cao, Y.; Ma, M.; Liu, Z.; Chen, J.; Huang, X.; Wang, J.; Jin, R.; Wang, P.; Sun, Q.; Sha, W.; Lyu, L.; Alves, P.; Dorhoi, A.; Pei, G.; Zhang, P.; Chen, J.; Gao, S.; Randow, F.; Zeng, G.; Chen, C.; Ye, X.-S.; Kaufmann, S. H. E.; Liu, H.; Ge, B.: Sensing of mycobacterial arabinogalactan by galectin-9 exacerbates mycobacterial infection. EMBO Reports, e51678 (2021)
Journal Article
Liu, H.; Moura-Alves, P.; Pei, G.; Mollenkopf, H.-J.; Hurwitz, R.; Wu, X.; Wang, F.; Liu, S.; Ma, M.; Fei, Y. et al.; Zhu, C.; Koehler, A.-B.; Oberbeck-Mueller, D.; Hahnke, K.; Klemm, M.; Guhlich-Bornhof, U.; Ge, B.; Tuukkanen, A.; Kolbe, M.; Dorhoi, A.; Kaufmann, S. H. E.: cGAS facilitates sensing of extracellular cyclic dinucleotides to activate innate immunity. EMBO Reports 20 (4), e46293 (2019)
Journal Article
Gengenbacher, M.; Nieuwenhuizen, N.; Vogelzang, A.; Liu, H.; Kaiser, P.; Schuerer, S.; Lazar, D.; Wagner, I.; Mollenkopf, H.-J.; Kaufmann, S. H. E.: Deletion of nuoG from the Vaccine Candidate Mycobacterium bovis BCG ΔureC::hly Improves Protection against Tuberculosis. mBio 7 (3), e00679-16 (2016)
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