Publications of James Anthony Tsatsaronis

Journal Article (2)

Journal Article
Tsatsaronis, J. A.; Franch-Arroyo, S.; Resch, U.; Charpentier, E.: Extracellular Vesicle RNA: A Universal Mediator of Microbial Communication? Trends in Microbiology 26 (5), pp. 401 - 410 (2018)
Journal Article
Resch, U.; Tsatsaronis, J. A.; Le Rhun, A.; Stübiger, G.; Rohde, M.; Kasvandik, S.; Holzmeister, S.; Tinnefeld, P.; Wai, S. N.; Charpentier, E.: A Two-Component Regulatory System Impacts Extracellular Membrane-Derived Vesicle Production in Group A Streptococcus. mBio 7 (6), e00207-16 (2016)
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