Publications of Audrey Xavier

Journal Article (2)

Journal Article
Xavier, A.; Al-Zeer, M. A.; Meyer, T. F.; Daumke, O.: hGBP1 Coordinates Chlamydia Restriction and Inflammasome Activation through Sequential GTP Hydrolysis. Cell Reports 31 (7), 107667 (2020)
Journal Article
Al-Zeer, M. A.; Xavier, A.; Abu Lubad, M.; Sigulla, J.; Kessler, M.; Hurwitz, R.; Meyer, T. F.: Chlamydia trachomatis Prevents Apoptosis Via Activation of PDPK1-MYC and Enhanced Mitochondrial Binding of Hexokinase II. EBioMedicine 23, pp. 100 - 110 (2017)
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