Publications of Martin Beisiegel

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Journal Article
Beisiegel, M.; Mollenkopf, H. J.; Hahnke, K.; Koch, M.; Dietrich, I.; Reece, S. T.; Kaufmann, S. H. E.: Combination of host susceptibility and Mycobacterium tuberculosis virulence define gene expression profile in the host. European Journal of Immunology 39 (12), pp. 3369 - 3384 (2009)
Journal Article
Beisiegel, M.; Kursar, M.; Koch, M.; Loddenkemper, C.; Kuhlmann, S.; Zedler, U.; Stäber, M.; Hurwitz, R.; Kaufmann, S. H. E.: Combination of Host Susceptibility and Virulence of Mycobacterium tuberculosis Determines Dual Role of Nitric Oxide in the Protection and Control of Inflammation. Journal of Infectious Diseases 199 (8), pp. 1222 - 1232 (2009)
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