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Journal Article
Gengenbacher, M.; Duque-Correa, M. A.; Kaiser, P.; Schuerer, S.; Lazar, D.; Zedler, U.; Reece, S. T.; Nayyar, A.; Cole, S. T.; Makarov, V. et al.; Clifton, E. B. I.; Dartois, V.; Kaufmann, S. H. E.: NOS2-deficient mice with hypoxic necrotizing lung lesions predict outcomes of tuberculosis chemotherapy in humans. Scientific Reports 7 (1), 8853 (2017)
Journal Article
Helmstetter, C.; Flossdorf, M.; Peine, M.; Kupz, A.; Zhu, J.; Hegazy, A. N.; Duque-Correa, M. A.; Zhang, Q.; Vainshtein, Y.; Radbruch, A. et al.; Kaufmann, S. H.; Paul, W. E.; Höfer, T.; Löhning, M.: Individual T Helper Cells Have a Quantitative Cytokine Memory. Immunity 42 (1), pp. 108 - 122 (2015)
Journal Article
Duque-Correa, M. A.; Kühl, A. A.; Rodriguez, P. C.; Zedler, U.; Schommer-Leitner, S.; Rao, M.; Weiner, J. 3.; Hurwitz, R.; Qualls, J. E.; Kosmiadi, G. A. et al.; Murray, P. J.; Kaufmann, S. H. E.; Reece, S. T.: Macrophage arginase-1 controls bacterial growth and pathology in hypoxic tuberculosis granulomas. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 111 (38), pp. E4024 - E4032 (2014)
Journal Article
Dorhoi, A.; Nouailles, G.; Jörg, S.; Hagens, K.; Heinemann, E.; Pradl, L.; Oberbeck-Müller, D.; Duque-Correa, M. A.; Reece, S. T.; Ruland, J. et al.; Brosch, R.; Tschopp, J.; Gross, O.; Kaufmann, S. H. E.: Activation of the NLRP3 inflammasome by Mycobacterium tuberculosis is uncoupled from susceptibility to active tuberculosis. European Journal of Immunology 42 (2), pp. 374 - 384 (2012)
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