Publications of Sabine Lange

Journal Article (2)

Journal Article
Lange, S.; Rosenkrands, I.; Stein, R.; Andersen, P.; Kaufmann, S. H. E.; Jungblut, P. R.: Analysis of protein species differentiation among mycobacterial low-Mr-secreted proteins by narrow pH range Immobiline gel 2-DE-MALDI-MS. Journal of proteomics 97, pp. 235 - 244 (2014)
Journal Article
Jungblut, P. R.; Schiele, F.; Zimny-Arndt, U.; Ackermann, R.; Schmid, M.; Lange, S.; Stein, R.; Pleissner, K.-P.: Helicobacter pylori proteomics by 2-DE/MS, 1-DE-LC/MS and functional data mining. Proteomics 10 (2), pp. 182 - 193 (2010)
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