Publications of Susanne Paetzold

Journal Article (2)

Journal Article
Schierack, P.; Kleta, S.; Tedin, K.; Babila, J. T.; Oswald, S.; Oelschlaeger, T. A.; Hiemann, R.; Paetzold, S.; Wieler, L. H.: E. coli Nissle 1917 Affects Salmonella Adhesion to Porcine Intestinal Epithelial Cells. PLoS ONE 6 (2), e14712 (2011)
Journal Article
Paetzold, S.; Lourido, S.; Raupach, B.; Zychlinsky, A.: Shigella flexneri phagosomal escape is independent of invasion. Infection and Immunity 75 (10), pp. 4826 - 4830 (2007)
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