Publications of Julia Benckert

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Journal Article
Kabbert, J.; Benckert, J.; Rollenske, T.; Hitch, T. C. A.; Clavel, T.; Cerovic, V.; Wardemann, H.; Pabst, O.: High microbiota reactivity of adult human intestinal IgA requires somatic mutations. Journal of Experimental Medicine 217 (11) (2020)
Journal Article
Benckert, J.; Schmolka, N.; Kreschel, C.; Zoller, M. J.; Sturm, A.; Wiedenmann, B.; Wardemann, H.: The majority of intestinal IgA(+) and IgG(+) plasmablasts in the human gut are antigen-specific. Journal of Clinical Investigation 121 (5), pp. 1946 - 1955 (2011)
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