Publikationen von Maximilian Kordes

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Kordes, M.; Ormond, L.; Rausch, S.; Matuschewski, K.; Hafalla, J. C. R.: TLR9 signalling inhibits Plasmodium liver infection by macrophage activation. Eur j Immunol (2021)
Kordes, M.; Matuschewski, K.; Hafalla, J. C. R.: Caspase-1 Activation of Interleukin-1 beta (IL-1 beta) and IL-18 Is Dispensable for Induction of Experimental Cerebral Malaria. Infection and Immunity 79 (9), S. 3633 - 3641 (2011)
Baumeister, S.; Wiesner, J.; Reichenberg, A.; Hintz, M.; Bietz, S.; Harb, O. S.; Roos, D. S.; Kordes, M.; Friesen, J.; Matuschewski, K. et al.; Lingelbach, K.; Jomaa, H.; Seeber, F.: Fosmidomycin Uptake into Plasmodium and Babesia-Infected Erythrocytes Is Facilitated by Parasite-Induced New Permeability Pathways. PLoS ONE 6 (5), e19334 (2011)
Putrianti, E. D.; Silvie, O.; Kordes, M.; Borrmann, S.; Matuschewski, K.: Vaccine-Like Immunity against Malaria by Repeated Causal-Prophylactic Treatment of Liver-Stage Plasmodium Parasites. Journal of Infectious Diseases 199 (6), S. 899 - 903 (2009)
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