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Seibert, S. A.; Mex, P.; Köhler, A.; Kaufmann, S. H. E.; Mittrücker, H.-W.: TLR2-, TLR4-and Myd88-independent acquired humoral and cellular immunity against Salmonella enterica serovar Typhimurium. Immunology Letters 127 (2), S. 126 - 134 (2010)
Mittrücker, H.-W.; Steinhoff, U.; Köhler, A.; Krause, M.; Lazar, D.; Mex, P.; Miekley, D.; Kaufmann, S. H. E.: Poor correlation between BCG vaccination-induced T cell responses and protection against tuberculosis. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 104 (30), S. 12434 - 12439 (2007)
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