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Harth, G.; Bäumel, I.; Meyer, T. F.; Geider, K.: Bacteriophage fd gene-2 protein. Processing of phage fd viral strands replicated by phage T7 enzymes. European Journal of Biochemistry 119 (3), S. 663 - 668 (1981)
Meyer, T. F.; Geider, K.: Cloning of bacteriophage fd gene 2 and construction of a plasmid dependent on fd gene 2 protein. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 78 (9), S. 5416 - 5420 (1981)
Meyer, T. F.; Bäumel, I.; Geider, K.; Bedinger, P.: Replication of Phage fd RF with fd Gene 2 Protein and Phage T4 Enzymes. The Journal of Biological Chemistry 256 (11), S. 5810 - 5813 (1981)
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