Felix M. Key - PI

I am a Max Planck Research Group Leader at the MPI for Infection Biology. Previously I was a postdoc fellow in the lab of Tami Lieberman at MIT (Cambridge, USA). Before that I worked as a postdoc associate in the department of Johannes Krause at the MPI for the Science of Human History (Jena, Germany). I completed my PhD in population genetics under the supervision of Aida Andrés in the department of Svante Pääbo at the MPI for Evolutionary Anthropology (Leipzig, Germany).

My current research involves the development and application of methods to integrate population genomic datasets to understand the evolution of bacterial pathogens on a historical (ancient DNA) and rapid (within person) time scale. CV (last update 04/2020) Twitter GoogleScholar

Meike Soerensen - Lab Manager

Meike has thorough experience in microbiology and molecular biology. Meike is managing our wet lab and spearheading the implementation and application of robotic automation (Tecan-SciRobotics), culturing, and ancient DNA preparation.

Martin Fenk - Ph.D. Student

I received my B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Biology from the University of Regensburg (Germany) where I studied the transcriptomic regulation in a hyperthermopilic Archaeon. During this time, I became more and more interested in the evolution of microbes, driving their immense genetic variability and profound biological success. I joined the Key lab as a graduate student to dive deeper into the evolutionary genomics of microbes during health and disease. 

Ian Light - Ph.D. Student

I received my B.A. with Honors from Brown University (USA) for my studies in Biology and Egyptology where I worked on studying mito-nuclear co-evolution and incompatibilities using genomic data within the Rand Lab. I am deeply interested in both evolution and ancient history, in addition to the ethics of research on the ancient past. I am combining my passions and past experience in my project in the Key lab focusing on understanding the evolution of ancient pathogens. 

Group Pictures

First picture of the Key lab: Ian, Felix, Meike, Martin (l2r, May 2021)

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