How to apply

- call is closed -

All applications will have to be submitted through our application platform that will open on September 26th and close October 31st, 2022 midnight CET. Applications through email or post will be disregarded.

Application to the IMPRS-IDI is a straightforward six-step process via our portal:

  1. Check your eligibility (more details here)
  2. Register an account at our online application portal between 26 September and 31 October
  3. Confirm your account, login and fill out the application
  4. Name two referees to be contacted for a recommendation letter
  5. Upload all required documents (see below)
  6. Submit your application by 31 October (referees have until 3 November to submit their references)

Prior to your application, please prepare:

  • a formal CV
  • your certificates & transcripts
  • Language certificates (in case English is not your native language)
  • the contacts (including email & phone) of two referees
  • your research interests and motivation
  • further supporting documents
  • which projects (host groups) you would like to apply to (please select 3 host groups in order of preference)

You can ONLY apply by using the online application platform. Before being able to apply, you first need to register and verify your user account. Once this is done, you can start your application.

IMPORTANT: You do not have to submit your application in one go but can come back to it. However, please make sure you always save the entered data before changing to the next page or before logging-out. All saved information will be available to continue the application process at a later time. Be sure to submit your application before midnight CET on 31/10/2022. Registered but not submitted applications will be disregarded.

Further instructions:

  • The online application form must be completed in ENGLISH.
  • Please make sure that all your personal details including your email address and postal mail address are up to date and valid throughout the whole application process.
  • In the "References" section you will have to provide us with the contact details of two referees that support your application. This is an important part of your application! Our system will automatically inform your referees to submit a reference as soon as their data have been saved – even before submission! We strongly advise you to pick your referees carefully and inform them about their role BEFORE you apply. Please consider that your referees will only have time to submit their references until November 3rd, 2022. Please make sure there are no typos in the referee contact details! Otherwise, our system will be unable to contact them. IMPORTANT: Applications without 2 submitted references will be disregarded.
  • You will need to choose your research group preferences according to the project descriptions. The order in which you make your choice will influence which faculty members will evaluate your application. However, this choice is not final. Candidates invited to our online panel sessions will have the opportunity to meet all recruiting faculty members and can still change their mind.

IMPORTANT: Please make sure you review and submit the complete application before the deadline on October 31st, 2022. Once the application has been submitted, no further changes or additional uploads of documents are possible. You will receive a confirmation e-mail that your application was successfully submitted.

Please keep in mind: The application period is a busy time for the coordinators. We will try to answer to you as quickly as possible, but it may take a little time.  Individual requests on the status of your application will not be answered. We will regularly inform on the progress of the application process.



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