Publikationen von Katarzyna Rolle

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Sittka, A.; Sharma, C. M.; Rolle, K.; Vogel, J.: Deep sequencing of Salmonella RNA associated with heterologous Hfq proteins in vivo reveals small RNAs as a major target class and identifies RNA processing phenotypes. RNA Biology 6 (3), S. 266 - 275 (2009)
Sittka, A.; Lucchini, S.; Papenfort, K.; Sharma, C. M.; Rolle, K.; Binnewies, T. T.; Hinton, J. C. D.; Vogel, J.: Deep Sequencing Analysis of Small Noncoding RNA and mRNA Targets of the Global Post-Transcriptional Regulator, Hfq. PLoS Genetics 4 (8), e1000163 (2008)
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